si cantek dan si kacak



forever his~

selamat hari lahir dear~may Allah blesses u.sorry for not being there to be the person whispering that phrases to you and make it the best day that you ever had.sorry for not being what i suppose to be since we've been together,futhermore,still thinking that im the right and you are the wrong even i know that the blame suppose were stabbed to still can smile brightly even sometimes you are like an invisible man to me.even im not there tonight,i still wanna let you know that  you are the best thing that ever i had.i do enjoy every single moment that we had together.the laugh,the smile,the smell of you.i do miss them.i adore the way you handling the childishness of me,make it the best reason why i cant be apart from you.

zulkifli mohd yusof
143 dear~

notakakisayayangcomel : kadang-kadang harus juga meluahkan apa yang terbuku bukan?

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