si cantek dan si kacak



selamat hari ketuaan!

got simple and quick entry for two women dat i loved. wanna wish :

SELAMAT HARI LAHIR FOR MAMA, AND ACHIK.[ 06042011 and 30042011 ]

sorry for not being there and wished it by myself. got into this exam things like mama want : you have to success even though its tough for you, dear. dats for your future.

btw, ma..thanks for being by my side every single minute, since i was born till now. didn't have the suitable words to say how much i owe u, how much i love u..and how much i thank u for being such a superb mom for me. thanks ma coz bear  with my attitude all diz time. i promise u ma, i'll try to be the best daughter dat u ever have. even i know can't but i'll try my best ma.. love u so much abah too d*** much .. never knew what will happen to me if both of u leave me..=.='.

tang ni along je takdak..kalau tak cukup lah anak-anak perempuan pakcik tohid

acik, thanx for being the coolest sister. thanks coz understand my feeling. the teenage feeling. thanx for giving me support to continue my life. love u, love along and angah, love uda, anjang and u all my family...u r the best thing ever happen in my life...thanx Allah .......

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r-5 said...

epi belated besday kat mama awak. ;)